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Guy Johnson - Guitar and Vocals

1962-66: Played acoustic guitar, honing his skills as a guitarist and vocalist between ages 5-9.

1967-71: Received his first electric guitar and amplifier at the age of 9. At age 10 he played and sang in his first band performing in Washington State at Jr. High schools and special events. In 1970 he formed the band Gibraltar in which he played guitar and sang. Gibraltar was a regional group (booked by "Unicam Booking Agency") playing at high school dances, sororities, fraternities and special events.

1972-79: Formed “The Guy Johnson Band”, which performed rock and blues at popular venues,
including Seattle's Paramount Theater. Hired on as a Guitar Technician for the 1979 tour with Seattle band Heart.

1980-81: Joined country rock band The Great National Pastime for tours of Canada and the USA.

1981-88: Formed the band "Dryver" (Booked by Stephan, Belmont & Farwest Booking Agencies). Joined "Sneak Attack" which performed in top venues including the Paramount Theater. In 1988 he formed the band Quest, performing in the Pacific Northwest Region and Alaska, opening up for bands such as "Head East", "Tower of Power", and Seattle bands "The Heats" and "The Allies".

2001: Formed the band "Mere Echos", featuring a double billing Led Zeppelin/Jimi Hendrix Tribute, using a violin bow with echo, specializing with slide guitar and effects like the wah-wah, octave dividers , uni-vibe, fuzz and quite an array of other special effects.

2002-Present: Band leader, Guitarist and Lead Vocalist in The Guy Johnson Band, performing a wide variety of popular 50’s- 80’s dance songs at prime venues while promoting Guy's new CD of original songs reminiscent of the 1960's Rock genre.

Tery Conrad Bass and Vocals

Tery Conrad is a Northwest Bassist,Guitarist,Vocalist,Keyboard and Mandolin player. Although he spent his life dedicated to raising seven children, he found time to keep music involved,playing spiritual music in congregations and jamming with friends. In 2002, he joined the “Victims of Kool”, playing the clubs in around Seattle. After about three years, he moved on playing with many of the Northwest’s great musicians and hosted an open mic at the venue“Ould Triangle” in Seattle for 2 1/2 years, meeting many of Seattles’s best.

In 2009, Tery played with the “Smokin’ J’s” for 5 years.

In 2015, he met Guy Johnson and Rick Haugen of “the Guy Johnson Band” who were in need of a Bass player, “I jumped at the chance to play with these cats, they are talented,hard working souls that play great music”

Rick Haugen Drums and Vocals

Rick Haugen has played in many bands through the 1970’s and a Lead singer/Drummer

Rick and Guy have been friends and musical buddies since the summer of 1976 and played in several bands together, Rick formed a power trio called “Flashback” which later turned into “Dryver”. He has been a recording Drummer and Singer for Northwest bands and early on he learned and taught all about PA systems to many bands. Rick also was one of the first people in the area to use/teach and “Midi” Musical instrument digital interface as well as elaborate lighting Systems. Rick and Guy have set up huge PA and lighting systems in large venues all through the 1980’s. Rick in one of the leading singing Drummers of the Pacific Northwest and is an important gear in "the Guy Johnson Band".